Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Minnesotan Adventure

To be fair, Mike and I also went to Wisconsin during our trip to Minnesota this past weekend, but I figured it would make the title far too long.

Last week I was busier than ever planning our wedding planning trip to Minnesota. It felt like such a long time coming since I've been arranging appointments, answering questions about bridal shower guest lists and coordinating meet-and-greets with friends for weeks on end. When the time finally came to board the flight back to the Midwest I was ecstatic, and then all of a sudden it was over again.

All in all, however, we had an amazing trip. On Friday we had wedding appointments galore and spent the entire day with my parents, wedding coordinator and maid of honor. The dress fitting went swimmingly and I looked great in the gown (if I do say so myself) and the hair and makeup run-through went well also. I'm not quite sure it was the best idea to do the food tasting for the reception just hours before the gown fitting, but it all worked out for the best. Hehehe.

I know this blog isn't about my weight or food today, but there was just too much going on over the weekend to focus on just food. I ate WAY too much between the food tasting, bridal shower and family dinners, but every single calorie was well worth it. Now I just need to get back on track and maintain my weight so I look perfect on June 26 in my gown.

A few weeks ago I told you all about the dress I bought for my shower and although I don't happen to have a photo from the shower yet (I didn't have my camera), I am wearing it to work today and I've posted that photo here. I have images of me in my gown and veil and with my hair and makeup done, but you'll all just have to wait for the big day to see those details!

So here's my plan to get back on track starting today: A shake and banana for breakfast, subway for lunch and Progresso soup with oyster crackers for dinner. I suppose I should hit the gym too! Wish me luck, I could use a bit of motivation!